Neither broker nor agent




take a breather….think about it

Unionism or?

The options to Unionism is Enclavism or Exclavism. Neither is pallatable.

An enclave is a country, or especially, an outlying portion of a country, entirely surrounded by the territory of another country.

An exclave is a portion of a country geographically separated from the main part by surrounding alien territory.

The art of disclosure

At lunch on the hilltop where Sun Tzu wrote his masterpiece our table talk was convivial. We’d received the invitation the previous day from a friend of the owner of prime land. We learned his land was subject to a compulsory purchase order for the development of a mountain resort and we’d been asked if we could be part of a solution.

After lunch, in the comfort of a Board room, each explained their interest and capability and agreed to reconvene within the month. It seemed disclosure rather than war had won the day but on the basis every deal can turn sour perhaps Tzu’s art must in the end prevail. I hoped not.

What did I know? What more information did I need? Is this project a priority? How to monetise?