Need a tonic?

If the name Andrea Moritz is unfamiliar I recommend you Google it.

If you have acute or chronic ailments despite numerous prescriptions and second opinions then learn about liver and gallbladder cleansing. 



Must chelation be administered intravenously?

Irrespective of how, the big question is why is chelation needed. Check it out with your doc.

Not according to Dr Whiting (YouTube Dr Whiting on Heart Disease & Oral Chelation) (June 7th 2007) who states heart attacks are caused by arterial and not venal blockage. It’s the arterial inner wall muscles which calcify and attract cholestral deposits.In oral chelation, amino acids are buffered.

Tony Pantalleresco agrees (YouTube Make your own Chelator) but Tony doesn’t mention heart disease and states chelator removes aluminum, arsenic, barium, mercury and lead. Sulphur and abscorbic acid are the simplest chelators. In distilled water he dissolves  EDTA (1g), MSM (water soluble sulphur) (2g), Vitamin C (2g) and baking soda (a pinch) which together makes sodium abscorbate which cleans cells.

Its possible to add a pinch of DSMO (Dimethylsulfoxide) 5% solution and not more concentrate.

Drink this before going to bed.

Don’t eat bread, oats, rice, bananas etc for days…………….

Mix Sodium Thiosulphate (5grams) in water BUT this will flush your system so you must have probiotics, yogurt, ricotta cheese, and multi vitamins after.

Use vitamin C often.





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