I thought I’d always need an inhaler. It’s better than the syrup I’d been given as a kid. It gives instant relief whereas the syrup induced sleep and my GP put me back on inhalers when a new wonder drug failed me. 

I avoid certain foods but can’t avoid pollen and pets so treat allergies with anti-histamines, which sadly, for me, induce sleep. I had glandular fever as a teenager and at 30, I gave up rugby for buggy golf. Even that tired me. I had brain fog; felt exhausted irrespective of how long I slept. 

I tried diets and therapies; went teetotal, stopped smoking; lost a stack of weight and on my GP’s advice, slowed down. I learnt the foods I avoid are high in histamines and that our bodies produce histamine when we over breathe. This action constricts soft muscles including those around the bronchial chords. I learnt asthmatics breathe more than others, unwittingly, often through the mouth, and that part of our brain controls when and how we breathe.

I’m learning to breathe through my nose and to breathe less; much less. Most pleasing; no medicine; no more surgery but more energy. I enjoy the simple daily enjoyable practices and my Buteyko coach tells me I might rid myself of allergies with time. I’ll never stop learning.



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